Sunday, September 13, 2009

First Blog

Well, This is my first blog. I am creating it as a way of promoting myself and other on I am going to strictly keep my reviews and post contained to those in Artfire only, as it's such a great site and I want to get it out there more.

As far as me, I am a Stay at Home mom to, 2 little boys. My husband was recently laid off and I have begun to sell online to help make ends meet. I am new to all this, so bear with me ;)

I am going to promote myself on here, as well as fellow Artfire Members, in several ways. A getting to know you feature as well as product reviews will be used and posted here.

If you'd like to sign up as a follower (to help us all out) or if you'd like to be promoted on here, please contact me and let me know. Thanks

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